>P'O-^O"AP'A!P×÷^I"A:Youth capriccio!·lbnot!°"Oa^EP±|?^a!±~A?`E~O^Ia"Aú,üD^A,üPà'OAD~au"A!°^3~o`O>>×÷^I"A!±lbnotC"e"Eae^E±^1O×clb! What" />
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×÷^I"A:Youth capriccio

[日期:2014-06-19] 来源: 网友投稿 作者:刘贤贵
标签: capriccio Youth

>>P'O-^O"AP'A!P×÷^I"A:Youth capriccio!·lbnot!°"Oa^EP±|?^a!±~A?`E~O^Ia"Aú,üD^A,üPà'OAD~au"A!°^3~o`O>>×÷^I"A!±lbnotC"e"Eae^E±^1O×clb! What is the youth? The youth is a galloping river, is one fills the difficult situation the river. Each teenage boys and girls are harnessing the small boat, rolls by from this river bank. However each sailors can arrive at other shore safely by no means. In the world which river hasn't embezzled the ships? Moreover is a good and bad fortune difficult divination river, this kind of crowd of enthusiasmen are bigger than the reason sailor!!!!!!!What is the youth? The youth is the mountain which stands tall and erect, is one cannot see the way the mountain. Each teenage boys and girls are the mountaineering member, is surmising vanquisher's dream. However, since is the mountain unavoidably has the roughness, has the poisonous snake beast of prey to appear unavoidably, also has the time which unavoidably wild flower's enticement and becomes lost. God of the wooded mountain only leaves behind a few words - - only to have the great wisdom and courage under foot only then to have the road!!!`A'×^Olbo×÷^I"A'ó`E<>×÷^I"A!±'O'E"Oa^EP±|?^a^E~O 1/4 lbnot`A'^O''O'U>>yen'Aa'Ioo'I>>á^O±'IP,albnot 1/2 "o^1(c)^2^I? 1/4 o'I~N§"I°lbnot×a^OOC"e×c~A÷^3"o'|!lb

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